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Mail : rko(@)v-atak.com

RKO seems to draw his roots in a chaos theory that he applies to video in a destructive manner. Opening this century to the european sound of free parties, his experimentations, as well as those of the radical musicians that are RIPIT and TZii, are a visual, auditive,intellectual and emotionnal exercise of style for both him and his audiences. From this brutal initiation to a new approach to critical thinking through vjing, he kept an immoderate taste for vitriolic reinterpretations, espescially cinematic ones. All along the CINEMASSAKER project he elaborates an explosive way of intervention onto film narration. Ingeniously approaching all subjects in all manners, he searches for new creative ways to imbricate the works of sound and image. In his LIFESTEAK project, the raw sounds of the dailies are used in the editing to give both the visual and the sound, rythm and atmosphere. Brutal and always provocative, open to new experiences and to new human relations going beyond boundaries, his work is the symbiosis between digital and human and introduces the concept of moment and ephemeral that one usually finds in live performances. His diffusion goes from museums to DVDs.

DVDog :
2004 : Anatomy of a Maniac CD (3patttes)
2004 : Systaimatak DVD (systaimatak)
2005 : Charlie mars DVD (charlie mars)
2006 : MEAT (V-atak001)
2006 : Ufo Pulsations (V-atak002)
2007 : Marasm XVI (marasm)